Yoga is a mind-body-breath trinity. 

The movement serves the embodiment, the esoteric dialogue builds the interior landscape and the breath is the conduit to make contact with the implicit spirit.

Life is hard. Yoga is not here to heal but to help deal with life. (Nevine Michaan)

I believe that Yoga is proven to be one of the most potent integrative systems to up one's organical functions. On a metaphysical level, I am convinced that Yoga opens up portals that make us more available and fluent.


Wellbeing is more than just health.

The Wellness Essentials are a selection of curated and wisely chosen health and lifestyle goods to enhance one's longevity and one's personal needs to find contentment in the everyday mundane.  

All products in the shop are hand-picked.

As a health expert, it is my utmost joy to opt for high quality products and make them accessible to everyone, no matter the body or age.


We make effort and catch grace.

Often we stay caught up in the narrative that we have to manage everything single-handedly.

Treatments are an extension of one's own practice, however with a little help from others.

Whether it is a Reiki session, an Acupuncture treatment, a Yoga Private or a Breathwork session, by making time for these treatments, one makes space for he self-cultivation process.

By offering these treatments at the VVOO space, the customer's time is being honored and the space is being held by great facilitators.

The community is what surrounds the individual.

VVOO is a place of inclusivity. This is where we create contact. All contact drives currency. Currency is live. All life follows the great Dao.