We make effort and catch grace.

Often we stay engaged in the belief that we need to do everything single-handedly.

However, treatments are an extension of our own practices, simply with a little support and help.

Whether it is an Acupuncture treatment, a Yoga Private or Breathwork session, to treat yourself to one of these treatments above is part of the self-cultivation process.

By offering these treasures at the VVOO space, the customer's time is being honored and the space is being held by great facilitators.

Treat yourself gracefully.


Aylin Karadayi

Face reading is a diagnostic tool. For me it is a great means to pinpoint a persons strengths and direction.

Do you want to know if you‘re wood or maybe water, if you should be working as a leader or a teamplayer, if you have so called lie detectors or should be a caretaker? We can read that.

Contact me for an individually tailored Daoist face reading In this reading we will look at your potential, your powers and your life purpose.This is not fortune telling, much more it is an understanding of your very own blueprint. 

Please send me 4 pictures at least a few days before the reading: 2 frontal (one smiling, one not smiling) and 2 from the side so one can see each ear.

The reading takes place at VVOO studio.If you prefer a Zoom, I‘ll send you a link. 200 CHF for 1 reading 60-75 min.



Licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, Angela Chambers has two decades of experience in Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Qi Gong. In 2011 Angela founded Meridian Flow, an integrative Practice of Chinese Medicine in La Tour-de-Peilz in Switzerland. 

Through her years of clinical practice, continuous study with her teachers and raising her family, her Meridian Flow practices have been organized into comprehensive programs incorporating  Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Essential Oils for enhancing energetic and physical health.



Jen is a Singer and well-being enthusiast, and through a life time of projects and twin-motherhood has been guided into her current work: Above all, it entails the regenerative power of Sound Frequencies and the rediscovery of ones essence. As the founder of the 9-Minute-Method App and Soundful Breathing, she is passionate in holding a judgement free space that enables like 

minded people to just be, play, connect, and grow all in the name of sound and the rediscovery of one’s voice.

In her one on one sessions she focuses on bringing a more tailor made way of effortless relaxation through the healing abilities of sounds and one’s own voice. 



"In our pursuit of purpose, there is profound merit in cultivating inner stillness, even as we navigate the dynamic cadences of existence.“I share my insights and experiences to explore depth, lightness, and harmony in everyday life. I offer approaches to stabilize your nervous system and reflect on managing stress, cultivating a more conscious and harmonious life. With a combination of tailored 1 to 1 Yoga Sessions & Pranic Healing, I pursue a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates science and practice. This facilitates growth on various levels of one's being.

As a member of the European Yoga Federation and the Swiss Yoga Association, I bring not only profound experience but also a comprehensive education in traditional yoga techniques. My holistic approach aims to enhance well-being on a physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual level.“



Breathwork is an ancient healing modality, where you experience a powerful spiritual transformation, a high vibration and a deep purification on every level. With the support of the breath the mind relaxes, you connect with your body, you learn how to listen with a still heart and a present open soul. It allows you to release strong emotions and stories that keep you small and limited.

Reiki is an alternative healing art with its roots in Japanese origin and can be translated as Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki energy flows intuitively where it is needed in your body and allows to balance and soothe your nervous system.

  • Initial consultation
  • Intention setting
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Guided Breathwork
  • Reiki Energy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Relaxation



Gabriele is a Yoga teacher, Ayurveda Women's Health Coach (European Academy for Ayurveda Germany) and Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach (Dr. Janna Scharfenberg).
Ayurveda is not just a holistic healing system in complete harmony with nature, Ayurveda is a lifestyle! It is important to her to help women find their natural balance.

The ancient complex science of Ayurveda has answers to many women's issues. She offers consultations and massages. Consultations on menopausal issues, the desire to have children, support during pregnancy and the postpartum period, or on general issues relating to the menstrual cycle. The massages include Ayurveda massage for hormone balance and Ayurveda massage during pregnancy.



One of the most important parts to create more inner peace for oneself is to let go of emotional burden and a limiting mind.

The EMOHA-method is designed to release emotional imprints (e.g. pain, grief, sorrow, shame) and false concepts of the mind in order to allow a shift in consciousness and more freedom in how we act in our lives. This provides the ground for healing to happen. In a one-on-one session I facilitate a safe space for you to access the realms of your subconsciousness in order to release emotions at the root of their origin.

I will support and guide you through this work. The method is also a wonderful tool to work on physical issues in the body (e.g. pain, digestion, migraine, skin problems, fatigue) – as mind and body are forming one entity and therefore any physical problem has its emotional component.

One session takes between 1-2 hours and costs 130 CHF/hour. I offer sessions Monday/Friday/Saturday - see schedule. 



No more constant worrying, or irrational fears. In her one-to-one sessions, you will assess what you long for and decide what kind of work fits you most. She works with techniques from systemic coaching, EFT tapping, epigenetic and orthomolecular supplementing, high frequency energy treatments, therapeutic meditation and the techniques of mindfulness, plus chakra work and Kundalini Yoga, vocal works and method acting.

No more living the half life.



In the growing field of “energy medicine,” it is well known that our universe is created through patterns of frequency.

Olesia has deepened her knowledge in the field of Yoga Therapy and Sound Therapy in the last years. Enjoy a relaxing sound massage where you can completely let go - the vibrations of the sound help release blockages and tension, bringing the energy back into flow. Feel relaxed, vital, and present - on a physical and mental level! Sound therapy can also be beneficial for stress, anxiety, nervousness, mental or physical blockages, and for regeneration after injuries.

Alternatively you can also book a Yoga Therapy session with her, where she will work with targeted breathing exercises and simple movement sequences to help increase awareness, calmness, and serenity and help you find balance again. You will experience greater joy and fulfillment in your journey through life.



Reiki is a Japanese energetic healing art; a frequency that flows through my hand chakras and your body, and uses its inherent wisdom to balance your whole system.

1:1 restorative* Reiki Session / 60 min / 120.-

During the session I will lead you into 2-3 restorative yoga positions, which are completely passive and support the body to relax.

Bring with you: cozy clothes and warm socks.

No pre-knowledge expected.



Licensed Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, Christina Grieshaber has two decades of experience in Breathwork, Yoga, Bodywork and Meditation. Since 2016 Christina offers group and 1:1 sessions with the tool of Breathwork, Massage and Yoga. In 2021 she founded Sangha KLG, a platform for purification, healing, transformation and nonduality.Breathwork is a powerful tool to clarify, purify and transform lives - to integrate emotions and get in touch with the essence of oneself. Through her years of practice and continues study with her teachers, her Breathwork Sessions have been organized into comprehensive programs incorporating  Holotropic Breathwork, Bodywork and Energy Transmissions for living a life full of awareness, ease and joy. She also offers Thai-Yoga-Massage that brings immediate deep relaxation, new energy and balance.



Sandy Sahagun is a Yoga teacher, energetic jewelry designer, holistic guide and human design coach. She loves to live her complexity and bring people into her radiance and lightness.

Human Design is the key to your potential. It is like your unique energetic fingerprint. A synthesis of astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Jewish Kabbalah, chakra theory and quantum physics. The fusion of these systems enables a new depth and a comprehensive view of you and your unique energies.

Human Design helps you to better understand and accept yourself, to recognize conditioning, to uncover hidden potential and talents and to accept challenges more easily, also in dealing with your environment.

120 Minutes 320.00 CHF

Life Activation & Energy Healing


Daniela is a certified practitioner specializing in Life Activations, Reiki, and transformative healing Modalities with training from the ancient lineage of King Solomon.
Daniela offers bespoke Reiki sessions and advanced Reiki treatments including:
-Brain Balancing: bridging the gap between logical and intuitive thinking for clarity, decisiveness and inner peace.
-Seiheki Treatment: a healing modality designed to address recurring negative thoughts and addictive behaviours

 60min / CHF 150

Life Activation: a shamanic practice that activates purpose, heals ancestral patterns, and transforms deep-rooted blocks, providing emotional and mental stability for positive changes during transitions. 
By balancing energy bodies, chakras, and utilizing special tools, she targets the nervous system, physical, emotional, and higher self for lasting transformation. This empowering modality reawakens dormant DNA that connects us to our divine nature. 90min / CHF 280.-

 Daniela also offers healing Sessions with Crystals and Aura Healings