Yoga is a mind-body-breath trinity. 

The movement serves the embodiment, the intelligent and esoteric dialogue builds the interior landscape and the breath is for the implicit spirit.

We believe that Yoga is proven to be one of the most potent integrative systems for longevity. 

As VVOO reflects the interplay of the five elements and their characteristics, all classes are defined by colour and their corresponding archetype.

  • Blue belongs to the kidneys and enhances the restoration of one's deep waters. SOOTHE.
  • Green belongs to the liver and sparks expansion and strength similar to the vital force of a tree. EXPAND.
  • Red belongs to the heart and induces the fire of the heart. ENJOY.
  • Yellow belongs to the stomach and organizes one's middle and earth. CENTER.
  • Grey belongs to the lungs and organizes space for better function. REFINE.

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All of our Yoga classes are Hatha or Katonah Yoga based, meaning, we emphasize an accurate alignment-based Yoga with intelligent structure and meaningful insights.

All of our Yoga teachers are well educated and experienced teachers who have been studying and teaching for years.

Next to Yoga classes you will find a selection of Breathwork classes, Sound and Gong baths and Meditation.

Location of studio: VVOO, Dufourstrasse 90, 8008 Zurich

Please check the schedule for all happenings.



Aylin Karadayi

Aylin is the founder of VVOO and a Katonah Yoga teacher. Her classes are underpinned by archetypally organized asana, Daoist theory, good adjustments and the Katonah Yoga canon, which is metaphorical language to engage the big muscle of the brain. The communal aspects of these classes are pivotal, that's why everyone is welcome.

The goal of an integrated Yoga practice is to make contact, to be spacious, embodied and to develop an insightful interior, to quintessentially have more availability for life.

Aylin teaches in English, but speaks Swiss German.


Mirjam Haymann

Mirjam has a strong focus on alignment principles and borrows from various traditions such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Hatha, as well as several different breathing methods. This combination helps to create a stable offering for physical, emotional health and wellbeing and will ease you into your evening.

Mirjam teaches in English, but speaks Swiss German.


Monique Jakob

Monique is a Hatha Yoga teacher with many years of experience in the field. She teaches in Swiss German. Her classes are strengthening yet soothing. Her Asana and Pranayma sequences are always underpinned by a topic of the week. Monique studies the Yogic and buddhist philosophy on and off the mat. Everyone is welcome in her classes.


Reni Bickel

Body mind breath: A modern Yoga practice based on ancient Daoist knowledge. In her classes she puts special focus on the cycles and archetypes of great nature. You can expect a well rounded practice that grounds you in your body, frees up your breathing and expands your imagination. Reni loves to teach Restorative Yoga, which she teaches once a month.

Focus: yoga for radiancy, geometry of poses, immunity, healthy flexibility.

Reni teaches in English, but speaks Swiss German.


Sinah Halter

In Sinahs class, she usually starts with some dynamic movements. Moving in and out of the postures helps to align body, breath and mind. Longer holds, with detailed alignment cues and some adjustments, are part of the class too. Diving deep into the practice will increase the capacity of the lungs, get energy moving and helps the practicioner to calm the mind. Every BODY is welcome.

She teaches in English, speaks Swiss German.


Laura Salmen

Laura's Yoga classes are inspired by Katonah Yoga and will connect body, mind and breath through Yoga exercises, breathing techniques and meditation. 

Get a dynamic and strength inducing class that is being topped off with some breath techniques and mindfulness.

This allows your energy to flow freely, you achieve well-being and can unfold your potential.

She teaches in German and English if requested.


Megan Herdeg

Megan has been working in the healing arts since 2003 with a degree in bodywork and massage therapy, as well as in-depth study and certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara, Yoga as Therapy and Yoga Tune Up. Megan teaches weekly classes, yoga and massage workshops, and has been on the faculty of both beginner and advanced yoga teacher trainings.

Her teaching is informed by the latest insights from modern day movement science while honouring the timeless wisdom of ancient yoga practices. You can expect each class to be both physically challenging, and deeply nourishing so you leave feeling strong and empowered yet calm and rejuvenated.

She teaches in English.


Jen Dale

Jen is a Singer and well-being enthusiast, and through a life time of projects and twin-motherhood has been guided into her current work: Above all, it entails the regenerative power of Sound Frequencies and the rediscovery of ones essence. As the founder of the 9-Minute-Method App and Soundful Breathing, she is passionate in holding a judgement free space that enables like minded people to just be, play, connect, and grow all in the name of sound and the rediscovery of one’s voice.In her one on one sessions she focuses on bringing a more tailor made way of effortless relaxation through the healing abilities of sounds and one’s own voice.


Manuela & Matthias

The Breath is Keur's signature breathwork experience that combines various breathing exercises and techniques for inner and outer explorations. Designed to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, this music-driven class culminates in a 30-40 minute active and dynamic breathing meditation. With roots in ancient practices and now embraced by modern science, this particular breathwork method can offer a range of benefits, including the ability to access deeper states of consciousness and facilitate the release of emotions.

This breathwork experience is suitable for all levels. Everyone is welcome to join us on this unique and transformative journey.

They teach in Englisch, speak Swiss German.


Olivia Huber

You're invited to a tea ceremony, a daoist form of silent meditation

this ancient chinese ritual celebrates the moment and its mystery

the tea plant, camelia sinensis, gently connects us with nature 

and with presence within oneself

the sages believe the tea spirit to be a gentle teacher

always meeting us where we are and always giving us what we need

allow yourself space and time to experience tea as medicine


Manuela Peverelli

Wisdom and compassion are the two wings that Buddhist philosophy considers to be essential in order to free ourselves from the avoidable suffering. Awareness is the ultimate resting ground for this. Manuela passionately practices and teaches Yoga and Meditation with the aim to continuously be present and through that embody our full humanity and discovering an ever-deeper, vast sense of being. Her teaching evokes physical and psycho-emotional strength to meet life courageously and with an open heart.


Antonia Lingemann

Antonia is a Berlin based Katonah Yoga teacher. The practice is rooted in traditional chinese medicine, daoist theory and the idea of asana being origami for bodies. A formal practice to reconcile habits and foibles, to enhance the personal and your overall wellbeing.The goal is to look around yourself, to be well adjusted and to develop a sense of personal measure. To realize that the universe is intelligent and functional and that you fit yourself perfectly. 

She will be guest teaching at VVOO now and then.

Antonia teaches in English, but speaks German.


Esther Seibt

Kundalini Yoga offers you profound experiences and sincere joy, beyond your limitations. Practice the art of going 'mind over matter‘, evolve as you go, shed light into the darker corners of the self, ignite the fire of passion and lust for life, find connection within, and rise to your future with contentment and trust. Come to enjoy that kriya based Yoga style, build upon the pillars of asana, moving meditation, mudra, pranayama and mantra in every session. Go deep and rise high. Sat Nam — We see you.

Esther teaches in English, speaks German.