Crunchy Hazelnut Balls

CHF 12.00

These little snacks are not only made from Turkish hazelnuts but they also have the perfect gooeyness and a liquid center, yum. Vegan.



What is healthy, cannot be tasty? Nonsense! Here is your new crush: Super nutritious, %100 delicious energy bites—filled with the purest Cravers Hazelnut Butter. Pair them with coffee as a guilt-free treat, take a bite when feeling down during the week, eat them as an in-between snack for a 5 pm peak.


Crunchy Hazelnut Balls:
Hazelnut: Turkey Giresun (NonGMO)
Chickpea Flour: Turkey (NonGMO)
Chicory Root: Belgium (NonGMO)
Dates: Tunisia (NonGMO)

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