Granola Classic

CHF 20.00

My favourite snack forever. My dog (Aki) loves it as well. Swiss made. Vegan.



crunchy muesli combines handwork, sustainability and the demand for the best quality. The Granola Classic is our crunchy original mix in which the distinctive nut flavor comes especially to the fore. It comes without refined sugar, is vegan and perfect for the start of the day. The granola is roasted fresh weekly by hand in Zurich. It is also available as a 900 gram family pack (this one we ship without a loop around it).


Oatmeal*, sunflower seeds*, White flour*, sunflower oil*, maple syrup*, Almonds*, Cashew nuts*, Macadamia nuts*, sea salt*.
May contain traces of soy, sesame seeds, milk, hazelnuts, tree nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and pistachios and nut shells. VEGAN.
*All raw materials from agricultural origin are certified organic (CH-BIO-006) and Fair Trade.
3 months shelf life from production.

How to use?