Copaiba Softgels

CHF 56.00

Like CBD but harvested from the Copaiba tree resin. Helps with nervousness and anxiety.

60 Softgels.

By doTerra

Copaiba Softgels provide you with your daily dose of Copaiba essential oil in a convenient, easy-to-swallow softgel.

Copaiba has been traditionally administered orally to promote cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and nervous system health. When taken internally, Copaiba essential oil may be calming, soothing, and supportive to the nervous system.* Antioxidant support from Copaiba promotes healthy immune function and response, while also supporting cellular health and function.* The many benefits Copaiba Softgels provide the body include supporting healthy circulatory system function and soothing anxious feelings.*


Copaiba Resin, Extra virgin olive oil, Modified tapioca starch, Glycerin, Purified water, Maltitol

How to use?

Take 1 capsule daily to soothe the nervous system or when feeling anxiety.