Diffuser La Luz

CHF 69.00
The pretty diffuser that works with water for all your essential oils. Never burn oils. 120ml water capacity. 
By doTerra

Turn any space into a luxurious retreat with Laluz. This sculptural diffuser creates ultrasonic vibrations, transforming water and essential oils into an aroma-infused mist. With a runtime of up to eight hours, you can diffuse your favorite essential oils all day or night.

Water capacity: 120 mL/4.06 fluid oz
Suggested room size: Up to 330 sq. ft / 30 sq. m
Continuous operation: High mist output—up to 4 hours, low mist output—up to 8 hours
Timer: 1hr/2hr/4hr/timer off—always on
Dim, bright warm, lavender light options
Automatic safety shut-off
Accessories include: AC 100–240V wall plug and instruction manual
Power: DC24V 0.5A
Material: Glass top cover plus polypropylene

How to use?

Essential oils have amazing properties, and diffusing them allows you to access these properties through smell. Depending on the essential oil you diffuse, you can purify the air in your home, maintain feelings of clear breathing and open airways, create an uplifting aroma, or minimize the effects of seasonal threats—all in a natural way.