Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tin 30g

CHF 32.00
The clean and extremely tasty Matcha powder. The only one I use. Swiss made.

Our signature 30g tin of Ceremony matcha powder to prepare your favourite matcha drink at home. It is ceremonial grade, sourced directly from a farm in Uji, Japan. It lasts for 15-30 servings of matcha, and comes in a practical tin - perfect to display at home or take with you wherever you go.


100% Matcha Powder

- Ceremonial grade

- First harvest

- 100% natural

- Pesticide free

- Certified organic

- Vegan

- No sugar

How to use?

1. Add 1 Tsp of Matcha into a Bowl

2. Add about 50ml of hot (max. 80°C) water

3. Whisk, shake or blend well until froth forms

4. Add your favorite warm milk and fill up your glass

5. Sip & Enjoy!