Palo Santo Protection Myst

CHF 30.00

This spray will give your surrounding a cleansing and protective vibe.

An exquisite way to purify and bring the spirit of sacredness into your space.

A personal favourite when it comes to scents.

100% hydrosol.


An exquisite way to purify the spirit of holiness and bring it into your space. Palo Santo is considered the tree of life in many cultures because of its powerful ability to cleanse the soul. Within the deep aromatherapeutic notes you will find a wide range of healing benefits for the body and mind.


Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) Essential Oil^, Filtered Water, Under 3% Cane Spirits*

How to use?

Shake well and spritz 3-5 times around you. This can also be used to clear your atmosphere, or as a gentle and refreshing woody perfume.